Silent Donor™ is the largest anonymous donation platform in the world, allowing for people and companies across the globe to easily send fully anonymous, tax-deductible donations to the nonprofit organizations they love, while enjoying the full protection of their privacy. We also partner directly with charities/nonprofits to allow for them to quickly and easily accept anonymous gifts from their supporters.

Our mission was simple: create the easiest and quickest way for donors to give fully anonymous, tax-deductible donations to any charity/nonprofit organization they’re passionate about supporting, without receiving any attention from the receiving organization (stop receiving annoying emails, flyers in the mail, and solicitation calls) or any unwanted attention from the public. 

Keep the impact of your donation, and also keep your privacy!

Send a donation to support: 

        • Any registered Charity or Nonprofit
        • Foundations
        • Education Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities)
        • Religious Organizations (Churches, Synagogues, Temples, Mosques)
        • Disaster Relief Efforts
        • Hospitals/Cancer Centers
        • Social Justice Movements
        • Community Organizations
        • [NEW!!Crowdfunding Campaigns (GoFundMe, JustGiving, MyCause, GiveSendGo etc.)
        • And more!

In accordance with US Law, you cannot use the Silent Donor platform to make any donations to political candidates, parties, campaigns, PACs, or Super PACs at any level (local, state federal, etc).

Breaking News:

We’re thrilled to announce an Associated Press story was published this February 2024 to feature our work as the world’s foremost and largest anonymous donation platform! Thank you to our incredible donors and charity partners who have supported our platform.

Click below to read about how we are empowering donors to give freely and allowing charities to receive vital support, all while protecting privacy:

Silent Donor platform offers anonymous donations to the mainstream, as privacy debate rages | AP News


Our Private Donation Process

The donation you make to any charity or nonprofit through our platform will be 100% anonymous because your donation will first flow to our nonprofit fund that we created to shield & protect our donors (the Anonymous Donation Fund in the US; Silent Donor International outside the US). You will receive your tax-deductible receipt from our fund. Then, the Fund will send the donation to the organization that you specify on our donation form, but it will come as a donation from the Fund – and will not contain any of your information at all! 

To read more on our process, click here.


We send donor surveys to every donor who gives through our platform. Here are a few testimonials we have received so far:

🚨Silent Donor Regularly Partners With Charities/Nonprofits - for FREE!

  • Our platform is the quickest and easiest way for your charity/nonprofit to accept anonymous donations from any supporters. 
      • It’s also the simplest way for your donors to give through a DAF (see the Anondo Fund)
  • It is as easy as posting a hyperlink to our secure donation page! Many list us as an “other way to give” option.
  • Silent Donor’s donation average is over 3x the US online national giving average – anonymous donors give more, to the benefit of charities and nonprofits that partner with us!

Here are just a few proud partners of ours, representing a wide range of organizations, with many added every day:

The country of Ukraine

SameYou, Founded by Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke

Malala Fund

One Acre Fund

Providence Catholic 

Click here to read more about partnering with us!

Innocence Project (FL)

St. Benedict Parish & Private School

Vanguard Africa Foundation

Helpers Social Development Foundation (Nigeria)

Sicangu Community Development Corporation (Lakota nation)

Greater Englewood Chamber of Commerce (Chicago)

Privacy is no longer just a preference, but a collective expectation. Give your donors a way to give the aligns with the preferences of modern, internet-age donors!

Anonymous Donation Stories in the News

Xavier University of Louisiana

Anonymous donation of $20,000,000 marked the largest donation in the school’s history

Morgan County Sheriff’s Volunteers

An anonymous business donated $2,500

College Possible Minnesota

Anonymous donor gave $1,000,000 to a nonprofit dedicated to helping underrepresented students across Minnesota enter college

Central Illinois Foodbank

An anonymous donor gave $500,000 to address the growing need for food assistance in response to COVID-19

St. Frances de Sales Catholic High School

Anonymous donor in Philadelphia gave $1,000,000 to provide tuition assistance

Father Joe's Village Homeless Organization

Anonymous donor in San Diego gave a $260,000 matching donation

Latest news

Silent Donor Social Media Feed

‼️ We have partnered with Hope Hub Xenia, a nonprofit that provides a transformational living experience dedicated to equipping, empowering, and connecting #women to experience freedom from drug addiction. Support them today! #philanthropy #addiction

🚨Anonymous Impact Alert: An #anonymous donor generously gave $500,000 to a school through @SilentDonor! Join us in celebrating this gift & the transformative potential of anonymous philanthropy, as we continue to revolutionize private giving for everyone!

Our newest partnership is the @TANKERIndia Foundation‼️ Their mission includes offering subsidized dialysis, financial aid for kidney treatments, awareness programs, and conducting research on #kidney diseases that affect millions of people in India.

We are happy to announce our partnership with Community Development and Child Welfare Initiatives (CODI) in #Uganda. They work to fight poverty, hunger, enhance good governance, and protect the rights of children and other marginalized people. Read more!

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Let the public judge your company based on the merits of the business you provide – not on where you choose to donate. Give back, and also keep your privacy.


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Protecting donor privacy is at the heart of
what our company does and is why we built this platform. Feel peace of mind when you send your donation that your information will remain confidential.


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All donations are sent through our private funds, which are structured to send all donations at the end of each month. We email you after we have successfully sent your anonymous donation.


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Donors from all over the world have used us to send donations to hundreds of different organizations across the world! We conduct due diligence for every organization a donor chooses to ensure they are lawful.