Donate Anonymously to Women’s Reproductive Rights Organizations

women's reproductive health organizations

After the historic Supreme Court decision was issued last week, we fielded donations from many donors looking to support women’s reproductive rights organizations. We have heard countless times about how highly controversial topics, such as Roe v. Wade and the long-stranding debate around abortion, invite apprehension on behalf of donors, much to the detriment of the causes and potential impact these organizations may have on people’s lives. We want people to know that they can use Silent Donor to donate fully anonymously to any women’s reproductive rights organization that they feel passionate about.

We realize that there are a lot of people who may want to donate to such causes under conditions of complete anonymity, so we are trying to spread the word to individuals and organizations that we can help! There are countless organizations that are working in this space to choose from, ranging from local orgs to national programs. Our platform uniquely allows for you to send anonymous donations to any organization that you want, just as long as it is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. We will perform the due diligence for you after you submit your donation, so don’t worry about that process – any well-known charity or nonprofit will be totally fine. We will reach out to you if we have any inquiries, and also you can use this greattool to searchthe nonprofit status of any organization.

If you would like to send a completely anonymous donation to support an organization, just fill out a donation formhereor click the button below. We accept donations via credit card, ACH transfer, or cryptocurrency.