7 Anonymous Donations

We decided to launch a quick public campaign of #7DaysofAnonymousDonations on our social media pages to highlight 7 impactful anonymous donations that have taken place within the past 30 days to display the power and prevalence of anonymous giving in the world, especially in combatting some social effects of COVID-19. These anonymous donations impact many different areas – universities, the arts, hospitals, ecological preservation, small businesses, and more. Whether millions of dollars, or much less, each donation is responsible for creating impactful change in the communities they are given. These aren’t just monetary donations – they represent improvements to people’s lives and they represent opportunities for change. Be someone’s anonymous donor!

  1. Day 1: UNIVERSITIES– The University of Miami received the largest donation in the school’s history, $126 million, from an anonymous donor. This gift will be given to their Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. As an aside, we have seen many gifts given to universities anonymously. The largest gift ever given to UC-Berkeley took place this year ($252 million) and was also donated anonymously for example. Read more here: https://hrld.us/3ikwgKe
  2. Day 2: HOSPITALS – A $2.5 million anonymous donation was given to French Hospital Medical Center to support a critical hospital expansion in the wake of COVID-19. Anonymous medical-related donations have skyrocketed to help combat COVID. Read more here: https://bit.ly/3jjcro7
  3. Day 3: FOOD BANKS – an anonymous donor gave $100,000 to a food bank in Sarasota Florida. Since the pandemic, the food bank has “seen an overall increase in need of approximately 120%, with new clients increasing by nearly 45%.” The food bank says demand for food will remain critically high as people continue to face significant financial strain. Read more here: https://bit.ly/3cK5slw
  4. Day 4: SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS: The Boys & Girls Club of San Benito received a $65,000 anonymous donation. This donation will enable them to facilitate virtual learning assistance to children of frontline workers and otherwise busy parents. This funding will help them make sure the children in their club do not fall behind in school despite all the challenges brought on by virtual classes. Read more here: https://bit.ly/2SfBH2I
  5. Day 5: NATURE PRESERVATION – an anonymous donor funded the restoration of a hiking trail in Colorado which had been in a state of disarray due to a previous lack of funding. Get involved in a cause you would like t support and send a donation anonymously! Read more here: https://bit.ly/2ERdE7a
  6. Day 6: THE ARTS – an anonymous donor pledged to match up to $75,000 in donations to the Berrien Community Foundation to support ten art institutions in Michigan, including the Children’s Music Workshop, Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Citadel Dance & Music Center and more. Read more here: https://bit.ly/30mDck2
  7. Day 7: JUSTICE – an anonymous donor has raised Shawnee County Crime Stoppers Reward by $20,000 for info leading to an arrest in the double homicide of a mother and her 13-year-old daughter. You can have a HUGE social impact as an anonymous donor. https://bit.ly/3cJcU0q

No matter the cause or organization you choose to support, now, more than ever, people & organizations need donations to survive. To donate anonymously to any organization you want to support, simply fill out our easy online donation form!