For more information on our ACH Donation process, read below:

We know you are using our services because you are interested in remaining private and anonymous. Privacy is our core focus and we will never disclose or share any of your personal information. As a result, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to go through our ACH process step-by-step so that you can feel confident about the transaction. It’s a really quick process, but we broke each step down into easy-to-follow pictures below. 

To process ACH donations from your bank to ours, we wanted to choose a safe and reliable partner. As a result, we have built our technology using the fintech company Stripe. Stripe is a well-known and widely used secure payment processing partner. They provide the banking payment technology at companies such as Amazon, Instacart, Lyft, Shopify, Peleton, and many more. The data you share about your bank account during our donation process is encrypted and secure the entire time.

Some of Stripe’s customers are below:

This is a direct quote from Chase Bank on the built-in security of using Stripe’s ACH process:We’ll never share your Chase username or password with Stripe. If they require an account number, we’ll provide a substitute account number to help protect your account from fraud. It works like your actual account number but is only valid for transactions while you’re sharing this account with them.

When you click the “Proceed to Pay” button the bottom of our ACH donation form, you will be taken to the Stripe ACH checkout screen. Here are the first two steps below:



Input your email and name associated with the bank account. Then, click on your bank, or search for it in the search bar. Once you click on your bank, a screen like this will pop up:

If you click “Agree” – it will initiate a pop-up for you to log in to your online bank account. In this sample case, we chose Chase Bank. After you log in to your bank, you will click continue through the prompts that Stripe will ask. The pop-up below shows that Stripe uses substitute bank account numbers instead of using your actual bank account numbers in this process, further safeguarding your account. 

Then you can choose the account you have at that bank from which you want your donation to be taken from:

Then it will provide you with a rundown on the account you chose. You can finish the process by clicking “Connect my account(s)” in the bottom right corner.

If it connects successfully, you will see the next picture:

Then, if you click “Continue with Silent Donor”, you will be able to simply click “Pay” – at which time you will complete your donation!


Successful payments will then be taken to our final “Thank You” page below. Please note that with legacy banking transactions like ACH, it will take around 5 business days for us to receive your donation. As soon as we receive your donation, you will be issued a tax-deductible receipt automatically from the AnonDo Fund!

We also wanted to mention that you will receive an email outlining that you have authorized our charitable fund, The AnonDo Fund, to initiate a direct debit. 

Now that you are an expert on our secure ACH process, click the donate button below to send your anonymous ACH donation today!

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