For more information on our ACH Donation process, read below

We know you are using our services because you are interested in remaining private and anonymous. As a result, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to go through our ACH process step-by-step so that you can feel confident about the transaction. It’s a really quick process, but we broke each step down into easy-to-follow pictures below. 

To process ACH donations from your bank to ours, we wanted to choose a safe and reliable partner. As a result, we have built our technology using the fintech company Plaid. Plaid is a well-known and widely used ACH processing partner and provides the banking payment technology behind companies such as American Express, Venmo, Acorns, Betterment, Carvana, and over 11,000 more across North America and Europe. The data you share about your bank account during our donation process is end-to-end encrypted and is by design never shared, saved, or even viewable by Silent Donor – it is only used to authenticate your bank account for this particular donation occurrence. 

When you click the “Proceed to Pay” button the bottom of our ACH donation form, Plaid will automatically initiate a pop-up screen:



After you click on the Continue button, it will bring you to the following screen:

Simply find the bank that you belong to and click on it. Then it will prompt you to enter your online banking credentials. In this example, we chose Chase bank.

After you input your User ID and Password (which is immediately encrypted by Plaid and is never processed or ever received by Silent Donor), the software will then run a second authentication process to make sure it is actually you who is accessing your account. It will ask for a way to send you a security code and it may give you different options for sending this message, depending on which methods of communication you have on file with your chosen bank account. It will look like this:

We recommend that you choose text as the second factor authentication measure because it is usually the quickest and will be sent to you immediately after you click continue. After you receive the security code (usually a series of random numbers), simply enter it in the next screen:

After you click Submit, Plaid will confirm the information with your banking institution instantaneously, and you will be finished with your donation. Successful donations will be automatically directed to our “thank you” message page. Please note – ACH payments, since they deal with legacy banking systems, will take a few days to clear, so expect 2-5 days for your donation to be processed.

Now that you are an expert on our secure ACH process, click the donate button below to send your anonymous ACH donation today!

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