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Welcome to Silent Donor. This is an encrypted and data-protected form. If you'd like to donate via bank transfer or other means, click "Donate Now" in our site menu at the top of this page. Please note - your tax-deductible donation receipt will come from the secure fund we created, The AnonDo Fund.

Do not use this form to send a donation to a GoFundMe or other crowdfunding campaign(use this form).

Please be as specific as possible! If applicable, write in a specific state/city or a specific cause within an organization. Examples: United Way of Metro Chicago, University of _ Scholarship Fund, Zac Plantz Foundation

If you would like to donate to the global initiative created to support Ukraine, please writeUnited24(you can specify your donation to support Humanitarian/Medical Aid, Rebuilding Efforts, or Defense/Demining, if you'd like)

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