Send a donation in Bitcoin today!

(1.) Please remember that you must donate to a charity/nonprofit organization. Any well-known charity, nonprofit, foundation, church, university etc. will be fine! We will do the diligence for you and let you know if there are any issues. 

(2.) Please note that you must donate an amount equivalent to $50 in Bitcoin at the time of your donation. Also note that all donations are first sent to the AnonDo Fund, the fund we created to shield and protect the privacy of our donors. Your donation receipt will also come from the AnonDo Fund via email. 

(3.) We currently only support Bitcoin cryptocurrency donations. BTC donations will be converted to fiat currency and donated to the organization you have chosen on the form. We do this because we have found (painstakingly) that the vast majority of organizations simply do not yet have the means to accept cryptocurrency donations at this time (but we did not want to let that stop donors from donating in bitcoin!)

The pictures below show what you will see when you click the donate with Bitcoin button. The “Payment Amount” field shown below allows for you to put in a dollar amount, and then it will automatically convert that amount into the Bitcoin equivalent.

First picture below:

What you will see after you click “Continue” pictured below: