Our Simple and Private Donation Process

Welcome to Silent Donor! Choose your payment method below and complete our short donation form. Simply write in the name of the charity/NGO that you’d like to send a donation! The donation you make through our platform will be 100% anonymous because your donation will first flow to our international charitable fund that we created to shield & protect our donors called Silent Donor International, based in The Hague, Netherlands. You will receive a donation receipt from Silent Donor International. Then, our fund will send the donation to the organization that you specify on our donation form, but it will come as a donation from the fund – and will not contain any of your information at all! 

Please note! In accordance with US Law, you cannot use the Silent Donor platform to make any donations to political candidates, parties, campaigns, PACs, or Super PACs. Silent Donor assesses a 5% fee to each donation that goes through the platform. When you give through Silent Donor, you’re not only contributing to a charitable cause, but you’re also helping build a more robust philanthropic infrastructure to support anonymous donations from donors around the world!