To send anonymous donations to support this campaign in Bitcoin, please use the QR code or wallet address below. We will email you within 24 hours (using the email you provided on the donation form) to let you know we have received your donation.

Bitcoin Wallet Address: 3MVqmb1SUFjdQf7EhQvL7CcV3WG9sDvxRj


Silent Donor is an independent donation platform that facilitates anonymous donations to various charities and crowdfunding campaigns. We have partnered with this crowdfunding campaign to provide an additional option for interested supporters to donate anonymously. However, please note that Silent Donor is not owned or directly affiliated with the campaign cause or organizers. Any questions or concerns regarding the campaign itself should be directed to the appropriate campaign organizers. We are solely responsible for facilitating the anonymous donation process. Thank you for your understanding and support.

When you give through Silent Donor, you’re not only contributing to a deserving cause, but you’re also helping build a more robust philanthropic infrastructure to support anonymous donations from donors around the world – doubling your impact! Silent Donor assesses a five percent fee to each donation that goes through the platform (this percentage is greatly decreased for major gifts over one million).