A crowdfunding campaign for the legal fees resulting from three distinct lawsuits, including:

  • Koutoulas v. SEC
  • LetsGoBrandon.com Foundation v. NASCAR
  • DeFord v. Koutoulas, LGBcoin, Ltd., LetsGoBrandon.com Foundation, et al

From James Koutoulas, lead attorney:

We have 3 ongoing lawsuits at the moment. I have personally sued the SEC to quash a subpoena into LGBcoin which is a meme coin, and clearly not a security since it was never sold pursuant to an investment contract. Instead, it’s a digital collectible where a portion of sales went to support pro free speech and anti-deplatforming and anti-COVID mandate advocacy, as well as donations to non-profits such as Turningpoint USA, Aquanauts Adaptive Aquatics (which provides dive therapy for veterans and individuals with disabilities), the Goodman Institute think tank, etc.

The SEC case (Koutoulas v. SEC) is narrowly-focused and has the opportunity to potentially set precedent against the SEC’s unconstitutional overreach against crypto much sooner than the litigation efforts of Coinbase and others.  Our case focuses on how LGBcoin doesn’t meet the definition of a security under the Howey test, as well as the fair notice and major questions doctrine and provides an analysis of how cryptocurrency has evolved in a similar fashion to crowdfunding, which took 15 years for a statute to be passed and 18 years for SEC regulation to be based. This case has the greatest implications for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, because if successful, it would provide major pushback against the SEC’s regulation by enforcement strategy. If unsuccessful, it could result in a majority of transactions the US economy being subject to SEC oversight.

I am also directing litigation against NASCAR with the LetsGoBrandon.com Foundation as the lead plaintiff (LetsGoBrandon.com Foundation v. NASCAR). NASCAR approved LGBcoin as the lead sponsor of Brandon Brown’s NASCAR. When the team announced it, the aggregate value of all LGBcoins skyrocketed to $571 million. NASCAR then catered to woke interests rather than its overwhelmingly conservative fanbase and illegally revoked the sponsorship causing a decline of $390 million in a single day. We have accordingly sued them for defamation, promissory estoppel, and negligent misrepresentation.

Finally (we hope), we are defending a meritless case brought by three coinholders who have filed 4 different complaints (3 dismissed with the current one pending hearings on several motions to dismiss) (DeFord v. Koutoulas, et. al).

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