Welcome! Silent Donor is the largest anonymous & privacy-focused donation platform and giving network in the world, allowing for all donors (corporations, families, and individuals) to send fully anonymous donations to the organizations they are passionate about supporting. 

We have helped thousands of donors across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas send millions of dollars in private donations to nonprofit/NGO organizations thus far.

We are happy to partner with many NGOs and nonprofits across the world. Current partners include the country of Ukraine, Malala Fund, Vanguard Africa, and many more (scroll through more partners here). We allow for your nonprofit organization to easily accept anonymous donations from any of your interested supporters. 

Partnering with Silent Donor is completely free and brings with it many potential benefits and opportunities for your nonprofit organization. Some benefits include:

  • Attracting an international donor base.
  • Providing a secure mechanism for giving that attracts private philanthropists (corporations, families, and individuals).
  • Appealing to the most generous demographic of donors: those who wish to donate anonymously!
    • Silent Donor’s average donation size is 3x larger than the US national online giving average, proving that anonymous donors simply give more – potentially to the benefit of your mission!

The Associated Press profiled our company and the work we are doing in an article you can find here

Also, we just announced an anonymous donor who gave a $500,000 donation through our platform to a nonprofit – your organization could be next!