Send an Anonymous Donation to United24, Official Fundraising Platform for Ukraine

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy launchedUnited24as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Silent Donor is proud to announce our official partnership with United24, providing all donors with the option to send a fully anonymous, tax-deductible donation in support of Ukraine as the war continues to affect millions of people in the country and across the world. Simply write in “United24” as the recipient organization on ourdonation formsand send your anonymous donation to United24 today via card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency. You can specify if you would like for your donation to go toward a particular United24 area of focus (all three are listed below).

United24 was created with the goal to increase donations to Ukraine and ensure the efficiency and transparency of their distribution. Funds are transferred to the official accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and allocated by assigned ministries to cover the most pressing needs. Regarding transparency, public reporting on the funds raised is provided by the National Bank of Ukraine once every 24 hours, and reporting on the distribution of funds is also provided by the assigned ministries once a week. In addition, auditing and consulting giant Deloitte in Ukraine will monitor the general reports by the ministries.

The assigned ministries are working 24/7 to ensure donations are deployed quickly and will directly impact the areas that need it most. United24 raises funds to be distributed in three main areas: Humanitarian and Medical Aid, Rebuilding Efforts in Ukraine, and Defense and Demining. They offer in-depth reports on each category on their website as well.

A stark look at Ukraine after 100 days of war underscores their need for support :

United24 anonymous donation

United24 has seen the world come together in impressive ways, already garnering donations from over 90 countries in the first two months alone. It offers the unique chance for citizens, companies, foundations, and other institutions to contribute meaningful philanthropic assistance to a country in need. You can donate to help Ukraine within the levels of privacy and confidentiality that you are comfortable with. Send your anonymous donation to United24 with the button below.

Today, the world’s attention is focused on Ukraine. Our courageous struggle against a
much larger aggressor, who invaded our land to destroy us, our European values, and
was met with a strong resistance instead, inspires people in many countries. Foreign
governments support Ukraine in this fight by providing military, humanitarian, and
political assistance. Citizens of various countries around the world go out to the squares
of their cities with blue and yellow flags to manifest their support for Ukrainians, and
keep asking: how else can we help? Everyone can donate in one click from any country.
Anybody may participate: concerned individuals, entrepreneurs, and large technology
corporations. We fight with the enemy every day for the values of freedom and
democracy. United24 is to become a digital service that will unite the entire civilized
world in supporting Ukraine.
” – President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Silent Donoris a trusted partner and the largest anonymous donation platform in the US, allowing for people and companies to donate to any organization they are passionate about with full anonymity. The mission is to allow donors to privately donate funds wherever they like, without receiving any unwanted attention or future solicitations. If you would like to contribute a higher-value donation to this cause, please contact Silent Donor at [email protected].