stop charity solicitations


If you have ever donated to a charity or a nonprofit, chances are you are hearing from them quite often – in emails, calls, letters, or texts – to ask for you to send an additional donation. Stop charity solicitations from clogging your inboxes today by using Silent Donor.

I myself donated to a medical organization to fulfill a wish of a couple getting married (this was their request in leiu of giving money to the bride and groom). I felt good about donating. However, it has been about 3 months since the wedding and I wish I never gave them my contact information. I am deleting and unsubscribing from all of their lists as fast as they send me new messages. It’s become a huge pain and I know there are millions of people in the same boat. This is not to mention all the junk mail I now receive from them, or from other charities that have access to this organization’s list (some charities share or buy access).

Getting on these lists is like the glitter of sending a donation – even when you think you’ve gotten rid of it all, it somehow finds you again.

It is not easy to get these companies to stop reaching out to you. In fact, it has become such an issue over the past years that the Better Business Bureau has a webpage dedicated to ways to help consumers get off mailing lists from charities! Even if your gift (however large or small) is anonymous to the public, the receiving organization knows that you were the donor and will repeatedly contact you, as is the nature of the business – unless you use Silent Donor. 

Simply put, Silent Donor is a donation platform that keeps your personal information out of the hands of the charity or non-profit organization. We deliver the donation on your behalf so you don’t ever have to deal with the deluge of messages urging you to send another donation. We will never bug you to send future donations and we will never release your personal information to anyone. Send your private donation with us today!