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During COVID-19, SameYou knew people with stroke and other brain injuries were spending less time in hospital receiving neurorehabilitation. Rehabilitation is often the forgotten part of the care pathway – but it’s vital for achieving the best recovery. SameYou wanted to find a way of helping community rehabilitation teams by offering additional online group based neurorehabilitation to people directly in their own homes.
The virtual sessions, led by trained therapists, will cover physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, cognitive strategy, fatigue management and emotional support. With your help and fundraising, we will be able to engage more patients in many countries!

Professor Nick Ward (University College London, Queen Square Institute of Neurology) remarked:

“The coronavirus pandemic means people with stroke and brain injuries will be living back at home much earlier than normal: we will have a large population of vulnerable patients in the community, who need support.

Ordinarily rehabilitation teams would visit patients at home, however due to Covid-19 this cannot happen, so we want to use virtual technologies to ensure good levels of care can still be provided.

This funding will enable us to pilot a project, which uses existing technologies such as WhatsApp or Zoom, to get essential rehabilitation into people’s homes. We will set up virtual rehabilitation and support groups and to provide both emotional and physical support – helping them adjust to what’s happened.”

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